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    Created by Ricky Williams 

    NFL (National Football League) player on the New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins, and Baltimore Ravens.


    Canna-Consciousness is a creation to show and share the beauty of cannabis and its positive use and effects. With an awareness of misuse, the Canna-Conscious community seeks to inform and empower others to see the positive sides of Cannabis and to empower those that use it for necessity or leisure to use it for the good of oneself and our global community.


    Our goal is to bring light and awareness to:

    The fact that cannabis does more good than bad

    That everyday people use this product responsibly

    Blocking it would be an injustice

    Guide those using it as an escape to find better coping mechanisms

    And to assist in the legalization and availability of Cannabis to all.

    Upcoming book Consciouly 34 - By Ricky Williams.

    A modality and companion to spirituality and self awareness



    Or request information for a live event with Ricky Williams and free copies of the book for all attendees!